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Start using this plugin before learning the base configurationGradlethat can be moved toentry - Gradle basic startup, this plugin is mainly used to simplifysetting.gradleandbuild.gradleConfiguration

setting.gradle Configuration

Addspub.ihub.plugin.ihub-settingsplugins that provide common plugin repository configuration and multiple project configurations, seedocument for details

plugins {
    id("pub.ihub.plugin.ihub-settings") version "1.4.1"

build.gradle configuration

Addingpub.ihub.pluginBasic plugins that provide common component repository configuration and integration of some other extension, seedocument, in addition to some other plugins,Plugins SetInstructions for each plugin:

plugins {

Additional:ihub-setupplugins are not required. If your project does not require multiple project configurations, you can directly introducepub.ihub.pluginplugins and note the need to set version number (ihub-settings pluginsplugins inauto configure version size) and configure the following:

plugins {
    id("pub.ihub.plugin") version "${ihub.plugin.version}"
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